Adios ‘2018

Few more days to go before 2019 walks in and it’s goodbye 2018. It has become customary to think of what has gone by and what better way to live the new year. The past year has been an absolute roller coaster. As far as memory goes, no other year has shaken me up with joys as well as absolute disasters like 2018. Peaks and valleys in both personal and professional fronts rocked our daily lives—sometimes the same day. I can go on and on and on…..

Despite all the drama, I managed to reach my reading challenge of a meagre 25 books through the whole year. And it so happens that one of the last books I read was “Sikkim: requiem for a Himalayan kingdom”. This was triggered by a recent trip to Sikkim and surprising revelations about the state.

On our first day in Sikkim, as we drove through the mountain roads, our driver guide casually said, “Please ask me whatever you want about Sikkim, including its history.” I thought for a while and wondered every Indian state has a similar history for the last two centuries since the British took over every nook and corner of the country. So what’s so different about Sikkim. May be he sensed my ignorance and summarised the history in one line. “We became the 22nd state of India in 1975. Until then we were a separate Buddhist kingdom.” My jaws dropped. How did I not know such an important part of our country’s history.

This is why the book by Andrew Duff ended up in my reading list. It took me a whole month to read through the book but at the end, I realised the Chogyal of Sikkim went through highs and lows throughout his life for his dream of an independent Sikkim which in any case came crashing down before he died. People came and went in his life—some in support and some against. Yet all along he stood to defend his unwavering love for his kingdom and to safeguard their interests. He might have been stubborn to an irrational degree but lived his life for his passion, dreams and belief. And taught an extremely important lesson to everybody—no amount of time spent chasing your dreams is enough and there is no guarantee of dreams coming true. But that’s the only way I would like to live my life.

Wishing a year full of art

There comes another new year resolution!

This is not the first time that I am taking a resolution with a whole-hearted intention of sticking to it. Though as always, I am sceptical. How long can I fight the temptations of giving up and slouching back into the lazy corner? We shall see…

A decade ago I started drawing, not because I have always wanted to, but thanks to the art supply store that I used to go by everyday on my way to the university. As a stationery hoarder, this store was nothing short of heaven. I didn’t know much about the kind of paper that works for specific medium. I picked up few pieces of charcoal, a whole set of staedler pencils and a sketchbook. That is how I decided that I had to start drawing so I could keep going back to the store.

Nostalgia from the bygone years

At this time of the year, one’s heart straddles the world of past and future. Nostalgia tugs at your heart yet the beginning of a year fills you up with hope of better days. That’s where resolution wants to take the limelight. I started this blog so that I show up and write/sketch every week without being slack about the resolution.

Looking ahead

This year shall see more of art irrespective of the medium- pencils, charcoal, colour pencils, watercolour or my present favourite pens. Pencil and charcoal had been my go to tools until recently and I hope to do more of it this year.